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On the personal side: As a kid the only thing that would keep me out of trouble was drawing with crayons, my dog and my bike. Things haven't changed much. I'm still all about organizing an idea and bringing it to life in a beautiful way sans crayons (for the most part), my dog and my bikes. I was a pro athlete twice in my life and turned to playing guitar in bad garage bands. In the last few years I've been a personal chef to fancy people and working in food styling on the side. I'm also a serious pizza nerd and just recently perfected my pan pizza.

On the business side: I started in advertising before Al Gore invented the internet and everything was film on giant boards. The great thing about being at it for so long is that I've been able to work on many different types of projects and in many different industries. My work varies from polished corporate to creatively inexplicable.  

I have many more samples of work so please don't hesitate to email me. However, my dough recipe is a secret.